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Update by user Feb 20, 2019

After two months geekbuying a other "new" invoice, no further rework, I warned that the customs would not accept and you ignored, asked if I wanted to cancel the order and I agreed, again ignored my cancellation request and sent the request with the wrong invoice, the order has been blocked and you still do not assume your mistake? Unbelievable.

I just want the product I bought, or my money back, you have not complied with the negotiation, nor deadline, nor corrections in the invoice nor with the responsibility and respect they say have with the customers. I'll go back to the reviews and alert other buyers, that's what you respect.

Update by user Feb 04, 2019

Even with my requests for correction of the invoice before sending, which Geekbuying disregarded all, still insists that it was not wrong, and that I am responsible for the release of the request, has already become a novel, caused the problem and responsibility, You can trust the after sales.

Update by user Jan 28, 2019

Geekbuying did not honor the negotiation, more than two months waiting to receive a smartphone, I used the BR priority line freight, I also paid the shipping insurance, I asked to review the invoice to avoid customs problems, they ignored and sent an invoice with the information wrong, value and description does not match the device I bought, do not assume they made a mistake, say I do not want to pay for the fees, the device has stopped since 12/26/2018 at customs due to documentation, geekbuying only knows how to ask for it I wait and that the responsibility is not theirs, lack respect, lack to be honest with the client, it is not fair that they ignored my request for reviewing the documentation and now they leave me without the device for which I paid, I am waiting two months and nothing, Excuse me, I want the handset I paid for or my money back. At the time of purchase they fill people with guarantees, but when a problem arises they ignore the customer, shameful.

Update by user Jan 09, 2019

01/09/2019Geekbuying is claiming that they did not make mistakes when sending my smartphone, if so, why did they send me the message with another invoice attached in 12/29/218 ? : "Dear msalgadobr, Now attached a new invoice for you and it may work to help get the parcel and please check.

JenniferCustomer Service RepresentativeGeekbuying " And it goes without saying that the new invoice had the same errors in the description and value of the item. Who made a mistake was I to have given a second chance, I paid by express freight to receive the order made on 11/19/2018 earlier, and I still do not receive the device until today.

Update by user Jan 05, 2019

Update 01/04/2019From: Jennifer Service [mailto:service_tracking@geekbuying.com] Sended: January, Friday 4th 2019 04:36To: msalgadobr Dear msalgadobr,What kind of the invoice you need ?please show me a picture,or you can change correctly . JenniferCustomer Service RepresentativeGeekbuying I believe you already know, but I will explain once more: NOW DO NOT WORK MORE MAKE ANY CORRECTION IN THE INVOICE, THE CORRECTIONS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE BEFORE THE SEND, AS REQUESTED.

And apparently geekbuying is just trying to save time, causing me to lose mine, dozens of messages explaining how to proceed so we do not have problems in receiving here in Brazil, and still do not assume the mistake, this is not the attitude which I expected from a company like yours. Someone at Geekbuying make mistakes in the invoice, for that reason the order stuck at customs, it seems that is no interest from you to help me to solve this matter, otherwise your company would repay the amount I paid and end this matter. I still hope for your good sense.From: Jennifer Service [mailto:service_tracking@geekbuying.com] Sended: January, Friday 4th 2019 23:43To: msalgadobr Dear msalgadobr,Ok, wait the parcel return back to us. please wait more days.

JenniferCustomer Service RepresentativeGeekbuying Not the kind of trading I expected from geekbuying, the smartphone was stuck because of the error that you guys in the invoice description, and you want me to wait longer still? This is not fair and it is not professional on your part.

Update by user Jan 03, 2019

Update 01/03/2019 Message received from Jennifer of geekbuying 01/03/2019/ 4:25: "Dear msalgadobr, When the parcel is back and after we got it in our warehouse .and you will bear the return fee,after that we will make a refund to you kindlyCustomer Service RepresentativeGeekbuying "My answer to geekbuying : To geekbuying service, the stuck of the device in the customs would not happen if you filled the invoice correctly, if you need to check all the messages I sent asking for the necessary changes to be made BEFORE sending, you knew from the beginning that the device would stuck here if they did not correctly declare the contents of the order, and want me to wait for it when the handset returns to your deposit and only then I have my money back? That is not right, lack of total respect with the customer. At least assume your mistake and kindly give back my money.

Update by user Jan 02, 2019

01/02/2019 Update: Geekbuying sent another invoice... to Jennifer from Geekbuying Customer Service Representative I wrote : Thanks for your commitment but you are aware that the invoice has to follow the order, there is no way to deliver another invoice after the device arrived here in Brazil and imagine that this will help, I warned you by email before shipping and you are fully aware of how it works, please, no more wasting my time, I want my money back.

Original review posted by user Dec 31, 2018

My second purchase in geekbuying, second chance to this company and my second disappointment, this time a Blackview P10000, even though I insisted that they make the correction of the invoice before sending, they sent the smartphone to me as a gift with no commercial value. They sent me an invoice by email, where they only changed the date of issue to 12/29/2018, and the information Personal gift, in the foreign exchange involved, remains the same, and described as Communication instrument, what is the problem in declaring as a smartphone ?

I have all the messages alerting to the problem that this would have in customs, and geekbuying still claim that I pay the fees and receive the device, If I could I would pay for the rates without problems but this is not possible since the request was barred again because of the incorrect information they provided. I asked for my money back and they suggested that I take responsibility for the customs clearance, they are trying to blame me once again for a mistake they made.

I regret having given a second chance to make the correct shipment, and end up going through the same problem, without the device and without my money. I warned that I would rather not write a review about the situation they created, but apparently did not care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Blackview Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $230.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Geekbuying Cons: Not trustworthy, Do not take responsebility.

Location: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

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Never heard of them. Why deal with foreigners ?


Well for starters, this isn't 1850 so people don't normally go around saying things like "Why deal with foreigners ?" FYI, in this era people don't say "dag nabit" or "consarn it" while talking about "foreigners". There are 7 1/2 billion humans on this planet.

You haven't heard of every seller on the planet, so 'you' not having heard of a specific seller means nothing at all about their quality. And yes, when buying overseas there can be language complications & shipping issues & border issues. They suck. But keep in mind that almost everything that you buy is made out of country by "foreigners" and that includes every cell phone & tablet made.

If you buy from a local 'bricks & mortar' store front' or even a closer online vendor then THEY get to deal with those hassles (language, border regulations & shipping) instead of you... but you pay a premium to get *them* to bear the brunt of those issues.

Not all of those people will be reputable, so there is still no guarantee that you will have a zero-annoyance purchase. Local scam artists (and bad business people) abound.

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